If you need a septic system, you must get a licensed septic tank installer. You also need to find a company with proper insurance. But how can you tell if the company you’re working with is a septic tank specialist? You need to check if the company is legitimate to provide quality service. When choosing a septic system, it’s essential to consider licensing and insurance. Here is why you should consider them;

selecting septic tank

Licenses show that the business is legitimate 

A licensed business shows that it is genuine and legitimate. In many states, a septic installer must have a license or certification. It means that they passed a test or the qualifications to work. These show how knowledgeable and skilled they are in septic systems—hiring licensed professionals guarantee they will do the job right.

Check if the specialist has liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance

You can’t be sued if something goes wrong while installing or fixing something. Check if the specialist has liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance will pay your medical bills if you get hurt. You could be held responsible if you don’t have insurance and someone gets hurt.

Ask for proof of licensing and insurance before hiring a specialist

Before hiring a specialist, ensure you see proof that they are licensed and insured. A reputable septic company should be able to show you their license and proof of insurance. If a business doesn’t give this information, they may not have a licensed or insured.

 Proper licensing and insurance can ensure safe installation or maintenance

Specialists who don’t have licenses or insurance may charge less. They don’t have the skills or experience of properly insured companies. Safe installation or maintenance can be made possible with the proper documents. It shows that they are professional and good at what they do. If you want to avoid problems in the future, it’s a good idea to spend money on a licensed and insured specialist.

Your local health department can provide information on licensed professionals in your area

The health department in your area can tell you about licensed professionals. They might also have a list of complaints or rules a company has broken. These things can help you determine which business is the best to hire. Before hiring a septic company, don’t be afraid to research.


Choosing a septic tank specialist with a suitable license and insurance is essential. It also ensures that your septic system works well and provides good service. Getting a license shows that the business is honest and qualified. Insurance protects you from being responsible if something goes wrong or gets broken. Before hiring a specialist, ensure you see proof that they are licensed and insured. Be careful not to be swayed by low prices from companies that are not licensed or insured. Your local health department can give you information to make a good choice. Your septic system will last longer and work better if maintained and fixed by a licensed and insured company.