When something fishy happens, a team of people solves the mystery. In the real world, when a crime goes down, different folks have unique jobs to make sure the evidence, or the clues, is handled just right. Let’s dive into the world of crime-solving and find out who’s responsible for keeping things fair and square, From the police to criminal lawyers like the criminal defence attorneys in Brandon. Here are some people accountable for storing evidence; 

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Police and Others

The police are the first responders to a crime scene. They gather things like fingerprints, photos, and items related to the crime. They must be super careful and not mess up anything. They also keep detailed records of everything they do, so there’s a clear trail of how the evidence was handled.

Security People

Security officers are like the bodyguards for evidence. They make sure the evidence is safe until it can be given to the police or another officer in charge. Their role is to protect it from any harm or tampering.

Government Lawyers (Prosecutors)

These are the lawyers who represent the government. They have a job to ensure that all the evidence collected during an investigation is stored safely. Interestingly, they have to keep the evidence that might point to someone being guilty. They also have to keep anything that could show that the person accused of the crime might be innocent.

Science Experts

Think of these experts as the incredible scientists of the crime world. They deal with tricky evidence like DNA or digital stuff. They must follow strict rules to ensure the proof is reliable and done correctly.

Office Workers

People working in offices for the government lawyers also play a part. They are responsible for ensuring all the evidence is stored correctly, and its records are accurate. It’s like their job is to keep everything organized and in order.

Private Groups

Sometimes, private groups, like science labs, join in to help. If they work with the police, they must take care of the evidence they use and the results they find. They must follow the same rules as the police to keep things fair.

Defence Lawyers

Imagine defence lawyers as superheroes for the person accused of the crime. Their main job is to ensure evidence supporting the person in trouble is safe and shown in court. They ensure that the accused gets a fair chance.

Regular People

Here’s the thing – even regular people have a role. We must keep the evidence. It’s a big deal; if we do, we might get into serious trouble, like jailing or paying fines. So, everyone, including you and me, needs to play fair regarding evidence in a crime case.


Solving crimes is not just for detectives on TV. In the real world, it’s a team effort. From the police collecting fingerprints to the scientists dealing with tricky stuff like DNA, everyone plays a part. Even regular folks like you and me have a role to play: we must keep the evidence. It’s a serious deal; if we do, there are consequences. Ultimately, this teamwork ensures that justice is served and the truth emerges pretty and squarely.