There are specific steps to follow in Canada, as an experienced Oakville acupuncturist states. You can become a physiotherapist, but you have to go through learning and training first.  Here are some steps you have to go through:

become a physiotherapist

Get a bachelor’s degree

You need a bachelor’s degree if you want to start. Not necessarily in physiotherapy; many people opt for other health courses, such as biology or chemistry. This allows you to see how the human body functions, which is significant in physiotherapy.

Going for a health-related field offers many opportunities to understand how our bodies operate. You’ll study things like how our cells work and chemistry principles. This is like building the first layer of knowledge before getting into the more specialised stuff.

Choose a Master’s in Physiotherapy program

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, the following achievement is to select a Master of Physiotherapy Program. This exclusive program provides everything necessary to become a good physiotherapist. While your undergraduate education provides general knowledge, the Master’s program focuses on physiotherapy specificity.

In this course, we will discuss the anatomy of the human body and how it moves, as well as show various ways that exercise and therapy have been utilised to treat patients. It is like going from being a starter and going to being a pro in assisting people to move better.

Pass the PCE- Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE)

This is just like a final exam. You become a professional only after you have successfully passed it, which means that a person has studied the profession.

The Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) looks at how well you understand physiotherapy concepts and if you can apply them in different situations. Passing this exam is like getting a gold star, showing everyone you’re all set to help people improve.

Update your resume

Once you pass the PCE, it’s time to update your CV. Your resume is a photo of all the cool stuff you have learned or accomplished. Display your educational background, skills, and any physiotherapy experience. This step is essential as it lets the bosses understand how perfect you are for the job.

Illustrate the courses you attended, any acquired special skills, and hands-on practicals while studying. When applying for jobs, your resume will speak volumes of how prepared you are to be an excellent physiotherapist.

Apply for a license

With the PCE done and a super resume, you’re ready for the last step – getting a license to be a physiotherapist in Canada. This license is like your official permission slip to work in the field.

Getting a license might have different steps depending on the province where you want to work. It’s super important to look up and understand the rules in the province you picked. 


Every milestone—from getting the proper education to taking tests and obtaining your license- will be one step closer to helping people move better and live healthier lives. Through these processes, you will be able to access your qualifications with more ease. Keep following this easy guide; soon, you’ll make a positive difference as a fully qualified physiotherapist.